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 . . . That's what we do!

BLCM offers two main options for website design. With the simpler option, your website is created based on one of multiple design templates in accordance with your color and design requirements. A more complex approach involves creating an original design and tailoring the site to your preferences and requirements, including color scheme, fonts, layout, and logo design.

If you’ve been on the fence about building your first – or a new – website for your business or Organization but you’ve put it on the back burner because you think it’s too difficult, too expensive or time consuming, it’s time to get a fire under your butt and get moving because it’s never been easier to create a professional new website without the need for paying an expensive web designer.

Our software is "hands down" the best. Over 15 years of research went into developing our software, now we have a great system and we want to share it with you.


Web Presence Builder Makes Creating A Great New Website A Breeze!

Advances in technology have made it so even someone that has limited skills in web design can build a beautiful website with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Novice website builders can choose from over 80 pre-configured color schemes, 17 different included font types, multiple website layouts options, the ability to add rounded corners, graphical borders, the ability to add a contact form and lots of other functionality that used to be difficult to add to your website in days past.

Some clients hired us to design "Turn Key" sites. Then we teach them how to operate the site built on the Content Managemant System (CMS).

We also have many clients that have old sites than need re-created. The work can range from simple updates to facelifts (new or updated site designs); and on to complete redesigns.

Our job is to understand our customer and their needs. We spend time to interview and review your communication and marketing leaders so a detailed web development plan is created.

We make suggestions to our clients to fill them in on the state of their site and the solutions that are possible or in some cases would be best business practice.


Publish As Many – Or As Few – Webpages As You Need


Another nice feature of this software solution is the ability to offer as many – or as few – web pages at your site. If you’re only looking to publish a site with one or two pages you can edit your site to have a single page. If you need 20 pages, this is just as simple. All you need to do is maneuver to your page editor and tweak your webpages as needed.

If you choose to participate in our DIY (Do It Yourself) program, once the site is designed maintenance will be an easy action for your to perform on your own site; even without knowing any technical mumbo jumbo.

Besides normal improvements in search engine optimization, reader friendliness, navigation, updated information and mp3's; dynamic modules have been added to bring the site up to par with today's available modern tools such as poll questions, news blogs, feedback forms and security protected guestbooks. (All of these are editable by the client now.


Social Sharing Tools Make Your Website Compatible With Popular Social Networks


It’s no secret that everyone wants to make it easy for others to share their website on popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sharing websites and Web Presence Builder makes this simple by offering an easy to use drag and drop system for you to offer this functionality without having to learn special coding or spending hours on figuring out how to do it. By offering these tools, you increase the chances that your new site will go viral and spread across your friends and fans timeline.


Facebook Fan Page Publishing Made Easy


With Web Presence Builder, you can publish a copy of your website directly to Facebook so your friends and fans can easily access information from your website directly from Facebook – making it even easier for your friends, family and fans to get your business or Organizational information straight from the horses mouth so to speak.


Business E-Commerce


We also have an e-commerce solutionsfor those who need to use their site as an On-line source of commerce. Market 20,000 products with your own On-line store, capable of handling all of your needs to be selling on the web.


It’s Affordable Too!

There’s no reason to spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars just because you want to have a great looking website when you can pay for hosting and get Web Presence Builder software included with the cost of your hosting plan. If you’re serious about building a great site for your business, be sure to call or email us today and start building the site of your dreams today!


Web Presences Builder = (CMS)

Custom Website Content Management System (CMS)


Biggest Little City Media LLC has been deveoping websites since 1997 and since that time, great software has allowed us to evolve. We now feature website systems that allow our clients to manage their own site. There are many companies that will build you a site, but we create websites that are easy to operate, once built! Our system is what we call Web Presents Builder. It all about building your presents on the web and our system is "hand down" the easiest way to be found on the web.


Hands On Staff Development


We also hear your frustrations. Biggest Little City Media holds classes, yes, face to face with an instructor and a course outline to sharpen your computer web skills. We believe that your time is important and holding on the phone to speak with someone, who may not have decent english skills is not effective. Staff Development is very important and we are here for you.

contact us to get started with your project. We'll be happy to set up a consultation.